Application Qualification Criteria

Our community supports equal housing opportunity, including the Fair Housing Act as amended, a federal law applicable in all states that prohibits discrimination in housing based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or disability. In addition, many states and localities have their own local fair housing laws or ordinances, which may protect additional characteristics from discrimination in housing. Our community does not discriminate on the basis of any state or locally protected characteristics. Please note that these are our current rental criteria; nothing contained in these requirements shall constitute a guarantee or representation that all residents and occupants currently residing at this community have met these requirements. There may be residents and occupants that have resided at this community prior to these requirements going into effect. Additionally, our ability to verify whether these requirements have been met is limited to the information we receive from various resident credit reporting services used. Please review this information before completing the application and paying the application processing fee, which is non-refundable. Falsification of information on the application will result in denial of residency and loss of application deposit as liquidated damages for our time and expense.

Pinnacle Property Management Services, LLC, d/b/a Pinnacle, requires all applicants to meet the following criteria in order to qualify for this housing community:

All applicants will be asked to provide positive identification and evidence of their lawful presence in the United States.

All applicants must present a valid driver's license or other government-issued photo identification and one of the following; 1) a United States government issued Social Security number; 2) Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record showing entry date and authorized period of stay; 3) temporary resident alien card verifying approved entry by the United States government (I-94W); 4) Form I-95; 5) Form I-151; 6) I-551 Permanent Resident Card (Alien Registration Receipt Card); 7) Form I -688 Temporary Resident Card; 8) Form 1-688A Employment Authorization Card; 9) Form I-688B; or 10) Form I-766.

**NOTE: The identification, income, employment and deposit requirements may be modified if required by federal subsidy or financing programs.

EMPLOYMENT (current and previous)
Applicant must supply 6 months of stable, verifiable employment. If an applicant has less than 6 months of employment history, an additional deposit or guarantor may be required.

All applicants must have a verifiable source of funds.

CREDIT SCREENING (excluding student loans and medical accounts)



All persons 18 and over intending to resident in the apartment must qualify in each of the above categories with the exception that the household’s combined income may be used to satisfy the rent to earnings ratio.

Any person under the age of 18 intending to occupy the apartment must be identified on the application and listed on the lease or such person will otherwise be considered an unauthorized occupant.

Acceptable guarantors must reside in the United States and qualify in each of the above categories. An additional deposit may be accepted if a qualified guarantor is not available.

Occupancy of the apartment is limited to those persons listed on the lease, and is based on the number of bedrooms in a unit. A bedroom is defined as a space within the premises that is used primarily for sleeping, with at least one window and a closet space.

Occupants under the age of 24 months at the time of lease signing or renewal are not counted toward maximum occupancy. Rooms such as a study or den may be considered a bedroom for purposes of maximum occupancy.

Definition of occupants- Occupants are immediate family members under the age of 18 or legal dependents as indicated on the most recent federal or state income tax form. Occupants must not have any automatic rejections. All others need to apply for lessee status, complete an application and be screened.

Should your application be denied, an adverse action letter will be provided. You may have the opportunity to file a grievance challenging the decision to deny your application; you will receive information regarding your rights to grievance with the adverse action letter.

As part of this property’s commitment to equal housing opportunity and non-discrimination on the basis of disability, you may request reasonable accommodations that are necessary because of a disability during the application process. Please notify management if you believe any such accommodation to a disability is necessary.

By signature below, Applicant acknowledges that he/she has reviewed the rental selection criteria, which includes reasons why the application may be denied. The Applicant understands that if he/she does not meet the rental selection criteria or fails to answer any question or gives false information, we may reject the application, retain fees allowed by statute and terminate any right of occupancy.

This property does not accept comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports.